Impact Planner

The Impact Planner is a tool to help you develop a plan to incorporate new or improved positive business practices into your business. It helps you identify which practices you want to build an implementation plan around, and to map out the necessary key activities and target due dates for each one. To use this tool, Click “View More” to download the Excel template and review the instructions tab. Then begin filling in the other tabs of the spreadsheet with the positive business practices you want to integrate or improve upon, until you have a plan outlined for each one. This workbook is meant to be a business management tool that can be used in an ongoing way: revisit it once a week, every two weeks, or once a month to make updates and stay on track toward meeting your goals. You can even pull in other team members by assigning owners to individual tasks to help your implementation process, and to involve other employees of your company in building a business that is a force for good for Philadelphia.

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